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Friday, September 18, 2015

Disney Couture de Force

Tinker Bell Masquerade (4046627)
Disguising her lovely fair-skinned face behind a delicate butterfly-shaped ball mask, the spirited sprite Tinker Bell celebrates an organic sense of fashion. Swivel back the mask atop the wand-like handle to reveal the fairy’s sophisticated looks fitting the occasion. Ready to mingle and delight among Disney dignitaries at a masquerade ball, including her nemesis the villainous Captain Hook (available separately), Tinker Bell exudes natural beauty in a costume festooned with overlaid leaf patterns in shades of greens and yellows. The vining leaf patterning extends to incised designs in the dress and train while faux gems sparkle on the gown. Translucent glittering wings (could it be pixie dusting?) and characteristic balls atop her toes complete the elegant ensemble. Add Miss Bell of the ball to your masquerade collection!