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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our Name is Mud

This durable 16oz stoneware mug is perfect for a golf lover! A bold fresh and colorful collection by designer Lorrie Veasey featuring witty sentiments that make unique gifts. Our Name Is Mud is a perfect marriage of art and functionality.  We know a lot of Dads would appreciate this for Father's Day. It's better than a tie!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

We appreciate all of the people that have and continue to serve our country. We will be closed today in observance of Memorial Day. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday. 
See you tomorrow at 10:00.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore

Mini Patriotic Butterfly (4051415)
Perched lightly on a finial of red; white and blue; this delightful Patriotic Butterfly is a colorful reminder of the hard won freedoms we all enjoy.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Call of the Wolf

Americana (19341)
We just love this new patriotic wolf from the Call of the Wild collection!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Willow Tree

Hero (26152)
“I carved this memorial in dedication to those who have suffered a loss in the service of others. I want to quietly honor the courage of the hero who has died, and the everyday courage of the hero who is left. This patriot’s grief is to be honored as well. There are other figures in the marketplace about patriotism and honor, but I wanted to create one that acknowledged personal loss. Hero is a melancholy piece. I see it as very much a memorial. On a very personal level, keeping safe your memory is an intimate promise made to one who is gone ... I hope the gesture of her embrace reflects some of these ideas.”

-Susan Lordi

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Charming Tails

You Are So Deer To Me (30397)
This adorable Charming Tails mouse just makes us want to scream with delight! The 2016 Autumn and Winter introductions are scheduled to arrive in June.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


In honor of Bambi's 75th Anniversary, pop artist Romero Britto captures the fun and innocence of this beloved classic moment in a fresh, unexpected and totally modern way. This adorable duo will be available September 2016. (4055230).

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Art Hearts

Family My Everything (1003480076)
We just got in the Family Art Heart.  This beautiful heart can hang or stand with attached key easel.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Cherished Teddies

Peeking Out To Say Merry Christmas (4053452)
We simply love the dated 2016 Cherished Teddies ornament.  Contact is to reserve yours now!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Disney Traditions by Jim Shore

Jim Shore's Fun with Friends collection features enchanting Disney Princesses along with their beloved diminutive pals. Pocahontas chats with her pet hummingbird Flit in this delightful addition to the group in a scene from the classic Disney film.We are so excited for Pocahontas to arrive in September! (4056128)

Monday, May 09, 2016

Teacher Appreciation

In This Classroom (4046217)
This mug is the perfect gift to show a teacher that you truly appreciate their hard work!

Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore

Fawn (4051429)
Jim Shores enchanting Woodland Animals and Gnomes are a fanciful cast of charming characters that are sure to delight. This Woodland Fawn resting in a colorful bed of flowers is beautifully decorated with Jim's signature rosemaling designs.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Walt Disney Archives Collection

Jiminy Cricket Maquette (405130)
Pinocchio was the first Disney feature to utilize animator models or “maquettes”. This skillfully crafted, hand-painted Jiminy sculpture originates from a late 1930’s maquette in the company's collection; the production molds are made from a 3D scan.
This skillfully crafted, hand-painted sculpture was developed through the shared efforts of The Walt Disney Archives and Enesco, LLC. Originating from an animation maquette in the company's collection, the production molds for this piece are made from a digital three-dimensional printout. To distinguish it from the original, the final production size varies approximately 10 percent. This piece is one of a sequentially numbered, randomly distributed limited edition series of 3,500. Established in 1938, the Character Model Department at Walt Disney Studios employed sculptors to create three-dimensional figures. These animator models or maquettes would expose crucial angles, reveal the play of light and shadow, and clarify issues of perspective, allowing artists to study each character in a brand new way. Originally sculpted by hand out of clay, these initial pieces were cast as a limited number of plaster models which were painted by the Inking and Painting Department and distributed to key artists and animators. Pinocchio was the first Disney feature to utilize these maquettes. They proved to be so popular that Walt Disney occasionally used them as gifts to VIPs and they were sometimes used as decor in studio offices. To replicate the vintage coloration for this limited edition reproduction, paint swatches from the Disney paint palette were hand-matched to the originals. Certificate of Verification and Storycard are included.

Friday, May 06, 2016


 Our Father (4051324)
Perfectly priced gift to share wishes for spiritual healing,
 the new Wishes from the Heart series includes popular prayers sculpted on the angels dress. Take notice of the crystal accents that complement each figurine.
Purchase this beautiful angel here. (While supplies last)

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Cherished Teddies

Bettie - a star spangled beauty - is the third figurine in the new 
Around the World series. Dressed in red white and blue she proudly holds the American flag in one hand and a heart in the other. (4051519)

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Our Name is Mud

This durable 16oz stoneware mug is a perfect gift for mom! A bold fresh and colorful collection by designer Lorrie Veasey featuring witty sentiments that make unique gifts.(4046177)

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore

Jim Shores Holiday Miniatures are colorful keepsakes celebrating life's special occasions. 
This beautiful heart shaped bouquet is perfect for Mothers Day! (4051426)

Monday, May 02, 2016

Willow Tree

Friendship brings the sun... and flowers bloom! 
Willow Tree (26249)